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Courtesy of  Keith and Sed Ulrich

New Adoptions for Home for the Holidays

Please check out our new adoptees…..


Upcoming Benefit Dance

Zeus Was Adopted by His Foster Dad

John fostered Zeus and now has adopted him from us.  John owns Clair’s Dog Camp where most of our dogs are fostered.  John has been working with us since the day we opened 5 years ago and has fostered most our dogs.  There had to be something extra special with Zeus because his foster home went to forever home.
Thank you John for adding a new member to your pack.  Zeus looks happy and I hear he loves the smoked salmon too.

KITTENS! Up for Adoption-3 Litters…

Too many to post all pics, but this will give you an idea.  Contact Amy for more information.

Email: or Call: 802-472-3894

Tiki and Ryan Found Forever Homes!

Homemade Frozen Dog Treats

Yogurt, banana, peanut butter and honey are the basic ingredients in the Frosty Paws recipe.
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Yogurt, banana, peanut butter and honey are the basic ingredients in the Frosty Paws recipe.
In today’s Internet age, it’s the rare “dog mom” who hasn’t purchased, made or at least heard about Frosty Paws for dogs. Those who haven’t have been missing out, or more perhaps accurately, their dogs have been missing out! Frosty Paws are creamy, nutritious, healthful and inexpensive frozen treats that dogs adore. Enjoyable year round, they’re especially welcome in the summer months as they’re the canine equivalent of ice cream. Homemade versions are more healthful than store brands if for no other reason than the lack of preservatives.
Combine the ingredients with a mixer or blender.
Combine the ingredients with a mixer or blender.

The Basic Frosty Paws Recipe

32 oz. plain yogurt
1 mashed ripe banana
2 tablespoons peanut butter
2 tablespoons honey
Mix all of the ingredients with a blender or mixer and freeze in ice cube trays. Small paper cups and disposable egg cartons also make good molds. When frozen, microwave for a few seconds, unmold, and place the treats in a plastic bag and store in the freezer. (Note: if using Styrofoam egg cartons or cups, rest the containers briefly in a partially filled pan of warm water to loosen contents. Unless the Styrofoam is labeled as microwave safe, it could melt.) If you want to be fancy, bone and paw shaped molds are available.
Egg cartons make good molds.
Egg cartons make good molds.
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This is where the fun part begins! Using only the yogurt as a base, there are any number of ways to vary the original recipe. You’re only limited by your imagination. Because these treats are frozen, their consistency is less important than when experimenting with baked goods. Below are a few variations my own dogs have heartily endorsed.
Use fruit and flavored yogurt instead of plain. I’ve used vanilla, blueberry, and strawberry/banana with good success.
Mix the yogurt with a packet of low sodium powdered chicken bouillon (Herb Ox has sodium free chicken granules) and a cup of low sodium chicken broth.
One large jar of baby food is approximately equal to one banana. So instead of the banana, use the baby food of your choice. My dogs LOVE meat flavored baby food. Unfortunately, this only seems to come in small jars. Use three or four jars of the meat of your choice in place of the banana, peanut butter and honey.
Puree the yogurt in a blender with a can of mackerel or salmon.
Scramble or boil several eggs, and puree them with the yogurt. You can use raw eggs, but then enters the (small) risk of salmonella poisoning. (I occasionally use raw eggs, but I raise my own free range chickens and have control over the cleanliness of their nests.). Raw egg whites destroy biotin, a necessary B vitamin. Raw egg yolks, however, are a rich source of biotin and offset the raw egg white. Do not feed raw egg whites by themselves as over time this practice could lead to a biotin deficiency.
Puree the yogurt with raw chicken or beef liver. Raw liver purees with ease. Liver is rich, and a little goes a long way. Too much will give a dog diarrhea.
You get the idea … you truly ARE only limited by your imagination!

Broth Based Treats

For dogs on a a diet, or who cannot eat dairy, instead of yogurt, defatted chicken broth may be used as a base. This is easy to make. Place a whole chicken in a big pot and cover with water to which you have added carrots, garlic, and low sodium bouillon.Cover, bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer until cooked, approximately one hour. When done, remove the chicken, strain the broth, and refrigerate over night. The fat will rise to the top and harden.The next day, skim off the fat. What remains is your broth base. The broth alone makes a nice doggie popsicle, but jars of meat baby food, canned fish, cooked eggs, or diced, cooked chicken, are all great additions. Sometimes I hide a small cooked treat in the half frozen broth when I use the broth alone.
Perhaps my dogs’ favorite frozen treat is this:
Save chicken carcasses in the freezer until you have several, and then put them into a pressure cooker with enough water to partially cover. Cook at fifteen or twenty pounds of pressure for an hour and a half. When cool, the bones are so soft that they “mush” when touched. Transfer the contents of the pressure cooker to a blender or food processor and process until smooth. Mix the bone puree with equal quantities of defatted chicken broth, place in molds, and freeze. My dogs love these. Yours will too!

$100 Penalty for Unlicensed Dogs in Wolcott and Surrounding

In the Transcipt this week it says “Effective May 16th all dog owners in the town of Wolcott who have failed to license your dogs will be issued a ticket of a $100.00 dollars

per day, per dog, by town Constable Bernard Earle.”  Many other towns will also be following through with this including Eden, Hardwick, Hyde Park, etc.

Make sure you license your dogs in time.  We are hoping this does not lead to an epidemic of people abandoning their dogs in our county.

K-9 Social


Mariah Jane has a new forever home!  She goes to work everyday with her new owner!  She also has a new dog friend, Henry and they love playing together!!

Shelly has also found her new forever home where she gets lots of love and attention!